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Tired of being overwhelmed and stuck?

You are not alone! I’m Caroline Totah, a professional organizer and productivity coach. I work with people just like you, who are tired of feeling paralyzed, frustrated and discouraged.

You may procrastinate and struggle to get things done for an infinite number of reasons. It’s not a sign of laziness or a character flaw. I believe you are smart, creative and hard-working; and I also know you may be stymied when it comes to getting organized and following through with your good intentions.

Which profile fits you?

  • Overwhelmed at work
  • Stuck
  • Coming back to life
  • Don't want to live this way
  • Getting organized with ADHD

Read about flexible service options for different profiles.

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What additional challenges do you have?

  • Overwhelm
  • Chronic procrastination
  • Chronic disorganization
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety and depression

Read about some of the common challenges my clients share.

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Drop-in group coaching starts September 16!

Drop-in Wednesday mornings to get strategies and support with your productivity and procrastination challenges.

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As a Certified Organizer Coach®, Certified Professional Organizer® and RN, I'm here to help you get organized, be more productive, and improve your quality of life.

Life and work are so much better when you feel calm, competent and in control. I offer a range of individualized services to help you be more productive and more organized. I’m compassionate, non-judgmental, and my services are completely confidential. Let’s work together, so you can stop struggling and start moving forward.


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