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Can You Use a Body Double?

I came across this article describing the use of body doubles. No, a body double isn’t someone to stand in for you when you have your picture taken, at least not in this context. A body double is a person who stays present with you while you do tasks that you know how to...

The Problem with “Only Handle It Once”

I understand the good intentions behind the “Only Handle It Once” (OHIO) rule. Clutter exists because someone couldn’t decide what to do with it, so the OHIO rule tells us to force a decision by vowing to only handle each item once. Unfortunately, this rule has...

What can College Freshman Teach Us about Getting Organized?

Setbacks are normal and common when taking on a project such as de-cluttering or learning better organizational habits. They happen in all areas of life, and they don’t mean we are incapable of reaching our goals. Researchers found that helping college students to see...